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● Ranked America’s #1  hottest city
● Attracting top  athletes and sports celebrities
● Ranked one of the best rental property markets for 2017  
● Around $20B invested in redeveloping downtown  
● Multiple 8 and 9 figure developments underway
● 2nd largest theatre district after NYC
● Booming food and music scene

Check it out! I just made an awesome new connection for some really attractive house deals. I’ve just added new turnkey real estate deals. These are cash flowing rental properties in the most profitable markets in America. These properties have been selling so fast there is normally a waiting list! If you’ve been looking for a house in one of these areas for yourself or a family member, a vacation property, or a rental property investment, you’ve got to take a look. These are completely turnkey rental property deals. That means we deliver them freshly rehabbed, do the screening and placing of tenants for you, and provide full service property management. You buy them, we do everything else, you get the checks. We have deals coming in Cleveland, Ohio right now. Yields are typically between 10 and 13% for cash buyers.

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